Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not exactly exciting yet!

      So I am new to blogging, but decided I would enjoy it! My life is not exactly exciting at the time, but hopefully will be soon.  I have chosen to start blogging now to document our path from "Just us" to a real "Family."
      Ahhhhh yes we are trying to concieve and have been since December. I NEVER thought in a million years I would have to TRY. Seems like everyone else is blessed with accidents! Why not me???
      Anyway the exciting part of all this is the fact that we really want this child before Jake deploys again. The deployment is currently scheduled for winter-spring 2012. I really want Jake to be present for the pregnancy and birth and home before walking and talking.
       I am not gonna bore you with a bunch of baby-making stuff. I will include more exciting things in my life. I am sure I will vent about family drama, arguments with my husband, and fun times with my friends, and how could I forget my wonderful new job! Anyway I hope you will follow and post comments! Enjoy :)

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