Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dentures on the floor and breast-feeding!

     Okay I am updating about my week thus far. I already posted on facebook about lunch on Tuesday. Top Hat (aka Top Teeth) was my own personal comedy club. An elderly lady's dentures flew across the table and landed on the floor. The best part was Jake reaching down to pick the object up. Ahhhh the look on his face when he noticed they were teeth. He didn't pick them up thank goodness!! Ha :) Does it get better than that??
    Yes it does!!! Last night I worked in the nursery. I  held, fed, and changed 6 babies all night long. I also helped a young women breast-feed her first baby. It was my first time helping anyone with that. I just tried my best to talk her through what I have learned. I was sooooo excited when that baby finally latched :) Gah I love this job. There is nothing in the world I had rather do! Well, I do want one of my own!
     Today wasn't very exciting. I slept till noon, cooked breakfast, and then went to Best Buy.  So glad we now have smart phones. I intend to blog more interesting moments using my intercept. Still not too exciting I know :(



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  1. Give yourself a're doing great!

    The dentures flying across the table is hilarious...and it made me want to cry, the story about nursing....oh how I remember starving my first baby in the hospital the first few days....neither she or I got it until I left the hospital..poor thing! But I remember the flood of tears once I felt her latch for the first very precious and rewarding!

    Keep writing! I'm reading!
    Love you girl!